Communication that actually engages

Say goodbye to basic content. Genially is the tool that will help your company communicate visually and interactively. A before and after for those seeking to connect. Spoiler: With Genially, they always succeed.

Logo of the company Aon, client of Genially
Logo of Banco Santander, an example of Genially for business
Logo of Canal Plus, company that uses Genially
Inovalon logo, Genially business client
Logo of the company Orange, which uses Genially
Logo of Lafarge Holcim, which uses Genially
Logo of Telefónica, company using Genially
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When you use Genially, you get these super advantages

More attention, participation, retention

We process visual content up to 60,000 times faster than text. Whoa! That’s why everything you create in Genially is visual, interactive, and engaging.

Several users using Genially interactive software to create a dashboard


Bring creative minds together

Collaborate in real time and manage multiple projects in your team workspace. Align ideas, keep everyone in sync, and create consistently impressive content with a brand kit and team templates.

A creative tool for everyone

Genially is useful for all types of companies and teams. Whatever your sector, your communication can be interactive and simply outstanding.

Team sitting around a table with their laptops on Genially business page


Ensure you connect with your audience

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “We need to create content that stands out” lots of times. That something you’ve been looking for is Genially. Shine in a world saturated with content with interactive presentations, infographics, and amazing gamifications that allow you to connect with your audience.

With Genially you can create cool training content: illustration with 'wow' sticker and exploding head emoji


Give them great content to learn with

No one is a stellar trainer without motivation. Your company has the opportunity to train and engage at the same time. You can bet on Genially to create interactive materials that motivate and enhance memory.

Person handling tablet illustrating text on how to engage interactive training content


If it’s interactive, it won’t go unnoticed

Who isn’t looking to engage their audience? Whether your business is large or small, it’s a must. Make sure that you don’t get left behind in the digitalization of content. Use Genially to create presentations, reports, and interactive images that everyone will remember.

Create what you want in record time

Level up your communication by using these templates. Let your creativity take flight!


Marketing and communication

A success story is one of the most powerful tools for gaining and maintaining clients.



Starting a new training course? Impress your audience by presenting it with this template.



Create an interactive dossier to display information and data without losing your audience’s attention.

Marketing and communication


Marketing and communication

A success story is one of the most powerful tools for gaining and maintaining clients.



Eli Martinez testimony in support of Genially for business use

Genially is an intuitive tool that has radically transformed how we show what we do.


Eli Martínez

Digital Specialist, AON

Icons of some apps used in business that integrate with Genially


Genially + your favorite platforms

Get the most out of Genially through integrations with the platforms you already use. Your website, social media, Microsoft Teams, etc. Insert all kinds of content into your genially and display it wherever you’d like!

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