Schools, made even better!

The Genius Centers initiative encourages interactive learning in schools around the world. Of any size, type and educational stage. How? By making Genially available to everyone while providing support and training, so no one is left behind.

Interactive learning is here

Can you imagine your entire school using Genially? Teaching and learning in a collaborative and innovative way is possible thanks to interactive learning materials.

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We’ll help you in your mission: Guiding and facilitating learning

At Genius Centers, interactive digital content helps teachers get the attention and participation of their students. Applying innovative methodologies and getting students to learn while having fun is easy with Genially.

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Learning through play, intuitively and autonomously

Interactive content attracts students’ attention. It's easy to have fun learning with an escape game or quiz. Students also create content autonomously and develop their creativity. They take a proactive role and are at the center of their own learning.

A network of schools that just keep getting better

More than 500 schools around the world are already Genius Centers

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A tool that has allowed us to grow in gamification. Design, interactivity and easy use make it essential for active methodologies.

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Juan Diego Ortiz

Director of IESO 'Matías Ramón Martínez'

Logo of the Genius Centers initiative, to bring interactive education to all schools.


A plan for your entire school

Genially Premium

For all teachers and students. No one is left behind.

Templates and Resources

Access to all templates and resources, without limits.

Top Training

Exclusive courses by Genially Academy, and quarterly training sessions tailored to you.


To problem solve and get the most  out of Genially.

A Dedicated Manager

With guidance and tips for taking the first steps. Overcoming challenges made easy.

Reduced prices

For the education community. Being a Genius Center is within everyone’s reach.

To be or not to be, that’s the question

Do you want your school to become a Genius Center? Send this information to those who would love this initiative.


Any questions? We have the answers here

Easy, Genially is an online tool. You will be individually accessing the plan contracted by your school. You don't need to download anything. Once inside, you can decide what to create and choose a template, so you won't need to start from scratch. Genially offers thousands of resources and templates with pre-defined interactivity and animation effects.

This is the best part. Genially integrates with many of the tools and platforms you already use, such as Kahoot. When your digital content is ready, you can insert it into major LMS like Moodle or Canvas, or connect to applications like Google Classroom, Drive, or Microsoft Teams.

Great. Now you can renew them and give them interactivity and animation to make them more attractive. It's easy, just import your PowerPoint content into Genially. This feature is one of the premium features Genially offers to all Genius Centers to make content creation easier.

The plan for Genius Centers is renewed annually. The center can pay annually or monthly. We adapt to your needs. We’re flexible; your school can become a Genius Center when you need it. It doesn't matter if the plan for a Genius Center doesn't match the calendar or academic year.

As part of a Genius Center, the teaching team that previously used Genially will continue to use Genially premium and have access to all their creations. The advantage is that you will now be part of the school’s plan too and will be able to share creations with your education community.

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