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  • Retention

    Interactive contents make your audience participate actively and increase the time viewers stay with you.

  • Engagement

    81% or marketing experts think that interactive content is the best way to grab an audience’s attention.

  • Memorable

    The majority of consumers affirm that interactive contents are more memorable than static ones.


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  • Create interactive experiences

    Create incredible enriched contents for your webpage or blog: infographics, interactive images, quizzes, maps, lists, etc.

    Achieve stunning results without needing programming skills.

    • Journalist / Editor / Blogger

      Enrich your articles or posts quickly and simply with interactive contents.

    • Designer / Infographic Creator

      Bring your static contents to life with animation or interactivity.

  • Share and distribute massively

    Share your contents in seconds and watch them go viral.

    • Embed your creations on your webpage, blog, or platform by simply pasting a link.

    • Upload them to social networks like Facebook and be amazed by how awesome they look on your Twitter timeline.

    View them on any device.

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  • Measure your contents’ success

    Observe what works and what doesn’t.
    With Genially you can get to know how your audience has interacted with and behaved with your contents.

    • SEO Module

    • Behavioral statistics

Enrich your contents like some of the best media outlets and communication professionals

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