Free university presentation templates

Ace your student projects and bring academic topics to life with these free university presentation templates. Choose an interactive, animated design to create the best slides in class, in minutes.

If you’re a university student, professor, or postgraduate researcher, you’ll know that presentations are one of the main forms of communication in academia. Slides offer a versatile format for delivering classes and lectures, presenting conference papers, and sharing research findings with your peers. You’ll also know that slides can be deadly dull, difficult to follow, and quite frankly, ugly as hell. 


Here at Genially we’re here to save you from bad slides. With our free university presentation templates, you get a beautifully animated, interactive deck that looks like it was made by a pro graphic designer. And it won’t cost you a cent. 

Genially’s university templates give you ready-made visual aids for incredible student presentations, final year projects, lecture slides, thesis defense presentations and more. If you’re not teaching a seminar or presenting live, our college presentation templates can also be used to make standout coursework submissions and literature reviews. 


Our free uni templates have been pre-built by top designers to enable anyone to deliver engaging and easy-to-follow academic presentations. The slides are packed with animated graphics and colorful diagrams allowing you to bring your subject to life on the screen. The eye-catching visuals enable you to break down complex concepts and communicate your key points like a professional presenter.


Each design is easy to customize for any graduate degree program or research program. In a couple of clicks you can switch the color palette, insert images from Genially’s bank of resources, or build your own infographics and diagrams. You’re not limited to text and images, either. Try making an immersive, multimedia deck with live data streams, embedded videos, online maps, voiceover, and  links to other research papers. 


Don’t panic if you’re not a member of the graphic design department. All of the higher education templates on this page are easy to use. They’re specially designed for undergrads, grad school students, PhD researchers, and chemistry professors with zero artistic skills.

If you’re used to PowerPoint presentations or Google Slides, you’ll know that slides are normally pretty static and one dimensional. You click present, while everyone in the lecture hall (or video call) watches like passive spectators.


Genially presentations are different. Our university presentation templates include interactive elements that your audience can click on, just like a website. You can still present your slides live (online or in person). But you also have the option to share your presentation with teachers, students, or faculty members and let them explore the content at their own pace.


Instead of boring text boxes, the slides contain responsive elements. That means pop-up windows with digestible snippets of information, interactive data visualizations, hover-over labels, embedded videos, and links. Interactive content is proven to be more engaging. As a result, your students, coursemates or professors will be more likely to understand and remember what they’re reading about.

First up: choose a design that fits your subject matter, while keeping your target audience in mind. As well as specialist themes for final year project presentations and master thesis presentations, our range of university templates includes editable seminar slides and coursework presentations.


Overwhelmed by admin and organizational tasks? Try using one of our templates for your next study group, brainstorming session, course plan, interactive calendar, or reading list.


When you’ve found the right design, click Use template. If it’s your first time using Genially you’ll be asked to quickly create a free  account. Next, select which slides you want to use: pick one or two or the entire deck. 


Now you’re free to get creative and customize! Drop in images, switch up the color scheme, and add bullet points and text to the title page, introduction slide, and research questions.


The Genially platform is intuitive and as easy to use as other presentation software. Grab a free template and put together a killer student presentation, coursework project, or professional lecture slides in a snap.