Make learning interactive

Motivating isn’t always easy. Genially is the tool schools use to teach and learn through interactive learning materials. The digital transformation has arrived, for all education stages and students.

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Columbia University logo, example of the use of Genially for universities
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Logo of SUNY, State University of New York, where Genially is used
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A safe environment for students

At Genially, we take the privacy and safety of minors and their families very seriously. We comply with the requirements of the FERPA and COPPA laws to protect the information of every student. We are certified by iKeepSafe. See more

The tool you’ll use every day

Genially is useful to the entire education community, whether it’s for a whole school or a smaller group. It’s used by people of all ages all over the world.

Girls in class pointing to a spot on the whiteboard to illustrate motivational learning


There’s no learning without motivation

Genially has achieved the impossible: for students to enjoy learning and creating. When we add interactivity and animation to digital content, we get students more involved, and help make them aware of their achievements.

Composition with an Aly (character from the Genially universe) to illustrate the importance of the teaching role in learning


The role of teachers - the real influencers

You try to explain any material, and it’s difficult to capture students’ attention. You do it with Genially, and voila, your students are as excited as they are when summer break is approaching. Become a learning guide by creating authentic collaborative experiences.

Group of students working with their laptops to illustrate the use of Genially in schools


The new educational model is dynamic

Genially is a revolution in the classroom. Teachers motivate with interactive and gamified content. Students learn creatively. The entire school increases its digital competencies. This is the change we’ve been waiting for.


Involve everyone, wherever they may be

Genially activates your educational community anywhere. Interactive content multiplies the connection between students and faculty, whether in a classroom, online, or a hybrid class. All your teaching materials are in the cloud, just a click away.

The resources you’ll want to use

Even the most boring topics can be fun. These education templates are already succeeding in schools.



With classroom breakouts or escape games, they’ll want to keep learning. Try it out with this template.


Didactic resources

Create a learning unit with this template and boost learning in your class by divvying up its content.



Organize school activities and important dates with an interactive calendar that’s helpful for teachers and students alike.


Other resources

Even grades can be interactive! Make them visual, easy to share, and take advantage of the extra space for teacher comments.




With classroom breakouts or escape games, they’ll want to keep learning. Try it out with this template.

Didactic resources


Other resources

Miguel Angel Azorin

The response of my students when I create games with Genially is always super positive, the motivation is spectacular. Imagine the explosion of joy when you see that you have achieved the mission.


Miguel Ángel Azorín

Creator of the education app Flipped Primary

Genius Center Badge, the program for using Genially in groups in schools and universities


Everyone wants to be a Genius Center

The use of Genially in schools continues to grow. Many have already joined the Genius Centers initiative; it’s a commitment to interactive education and digital transformation with many advantages for the entire school.

Logos of some of the apps used in education that Genially is integrated with


Genially + the platforms you already use

Do you already have your interactive content ready? Insert your genially into other platforms such as Moodle or Canvas, or connect with applications like Google Classroom, Google Drive, or Microsoft Teams. It’s all integrated in one place.

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