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Shall we make a genially?

A single platform to create all kinds of interactive content. With Genially, you have everything you need to succeed. See how it works.

Save time

Top templates designed by professionals

Using templates allows you to start with the job already halfway done. We have thousands of templates with all kinds of themes, and with interactivity and animation already applied. It’s easy to choose one and completely customize it.

Talent that inspires

A massive creative community

There’s never a shortage of ideas to build on. We have millions of creations ready to be reused. With your permission, your geniallys can be reused around the world.

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Edit with ease

Customize and make magic with the Editor

The Editor is as advanced as it is intuitive, with thousands of resources to customize each creation as you’d like. Test colors, fonts, icons, or images. You can even add graphs and charts or your own resources.

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Work together

Make it collaborative

Productivity is the order of the day. With Genially, you can invite others to collaborate on your creation. This makes the editing process even easier and more creative.

Adding interactivity is just so easy

Interactive content is our speciality, and we place first in this category. With Genially, you can add interactivity and animate any content in just a few clicks, without any programming needed. As an example, here’s a genially.


Present your creation from Genially and without having to download anything.

Make your creation go far by email or social media. Just use a link.

As a PDF document or JPG image. To maintain offline interactivity, download in HTML.

How does Genially work?

Advantages of being in the cloud

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Forget about having to send final drafts

Say goodbye to sending large documents. Work in the cloud, from any computer, and from anywhere. If you make changes to your creations, they will be instantly visible. You don’t have to send or upload the latest version.

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Your content is more alive than ever

Having an audio or video within content is not science fiction. It’s a genially. Take advantage of integrations available in Genially such as images and GIFs from your favorite platforms.

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Insert your genially wherever you want

Genially works with the apps you already use. Use the link to your creation to insert it into other platforms such as a web, article, social media, or LMS.