Customer stories

Thousands of companies and educational organizations use Genially to create beautifully interactive content. The result? Increased engagement, better learning outcomes, more effective campaigns … Discover how Genially can transform the way you communicate.

Image with the Noddus logo

Noddus boosts audience interaction with their content

More engagement: more sales. Now they close more deals with other brands than ever. That’s what happens when you turn the audience engagement rate up to 100%.

Image with The Modern Kids logo

The Modern Kids streamlines content creation

No matter the profile or background of the team members, they all work autonomously to create memorable content in any format. And create much more in less time.

Image with Holcim logo

Holcim triumphs with its communications

The secret: innovative and much more powerful content for their audience. Now there are no limits for creating content in different formats and record time. See how they did it!

Image with the logo of Highlands Los Fresnos

Highlands School Los Fresnos motivates its students

Discover how class motivation skyrockets thanks to completely customized content that’s adapted to the interests and context of the students. It also saves them time.

Image with the logo of Jesuitas San José

Jesuit College San José encourages inclusion in class

For this school, creating visual content for students with special needs or hearing difficulties wasn’t so easy... until Genially arrived. Find out how they did it.

Image with the Santillana logo

Santillana turns learning into experiences

20,000 teaching resources in just a few months? It is possible! Since using Genially to create reusable content, they have multiplied the number of resources they generate each year.