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Cruz Roja
Alix Huille

Alix Huille

Alix Huille, Learning Engagement Coach, 360 Learning

At 360Learning we use and recommend Genially for an innovative and effective learning experience.


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Yes, but you can cancel at any time from your account settings. Once it’s canceled, you will still have the premium benefits of the plan until the end of the subscription period.

Yes. The Pro and Master plans are especially designed for individual use of the tool by any professional. To take advantage of the benefits of working with Genially as a team, we have created the Team plan.

Genially doesn't limit what you can do with your creations. For professional and commercial use, however, we recommend that you use one of the premium plans to access all the benefits.

Of course. All your geniallys will still be in the cloud and you will use the free version of Genially. When you cancel your plan or it expires, you will not be able to use the premium features.

Yes, we offer non-profit organizations a discount of up to 50% off forever, on all plans. Please contact us at for more details.

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