Create effective concept maps

Discover how you can transform complex and creative thoughts into interactive concept maps with Genially. Organize and visualize your ideas at a glance with ease.

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Design a professional concept map

Concept maps allow you to organize ideas and knowledge in a clear, efficient, and above all, visual way.


Choose from many types: spider, hierarchical, flow concept maps… All of them are key tools for educators, students, and professionals.

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Interactive and full of information

You can create concept maps that are not only informative but also highly attractive, thus enhancing the viewing experience.


Whether you just want to reflect basic ideas or delve deeper into them, Genially allows you to optimally organize information thanks to interactivity.

Editing concept map template

How to create impactful concept maps

5 simple steps

Select your template.

Add your key ideas.

Incorporate interactivity and animated elements.

Customize the design.

Share and collaborate.

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Genially is the perfect tool for your needs


Add layers of information to your content with video, audio, quizzes and other clickable elements.


Grab your audience's attention with timed or click animations, transitions and stunning visual effects.

Rich media

Embed YouTube, Google Maps and content from other platforms directly into your designs.

Real time collaboration

Co-edit designs and collaborate on team projects in real time.


Embed online content from your favorite platforms directly into your designs.

In the Cloud

Saved in the Cloud, your content is always up to date with the latest changes.

A concept map is a graphic tool for organizing and representing knowledge, showing the relationships between different concepts and ideas.

Concept maps help to visualize complex relationships between ideas, facilitating the understanding, study, and presentation of information.

There are several types, such as hierarchical, network, systemic, and tree maps, each suitable for different ways of presenting and organizing information.

A concept map should include key concepts, linking words to connect these concepts, and lines or arrows that visually show the relationships between them.

The typical structure includes an initial or main concept, from which secondary and tertiary concepts are derived, connected by lines or arrows, forming a network of relationships.

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