Create an interactive card

In the digital age, interactive cards or ecards are an original and personal way to connect. From invitations to thank-yous, create an impact and make every message count.


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Animated virtual cards

Why send a paper card when you can send emotions?


Interactive cards allow us to personalize messages, add animations, and surprise loved ones in a completely innovative and sustainable way.

Editing a digital interactive card template


Customize your e-card with Genially

With a wide variety of templates, you can personalize every detail, as well as integrate different tools such as videos or locations.


If you want your card to be remembered, be original and create unique and special content in a matter of minutes.

Steps for creating and publishing a digital interactive card template

How to create an e-card?

5 simple steps

Sign up for Genially.

Choose an interactive card or e-card template.

Customize your message.

Add animations and interactive elements.

Share and/or download your card.

Image of platform integrations that you can embed and integrate into your Genially: LinkedIn, Typeform, Figma, Youtube, Google Maps, Google Drive, X and Instagram.



Genially is the perfect tool for your needs


Add layers of information to your content with video, audio, quizzes and other clickable elements.


Grab your audience's attention with timed or click animations, transitions and stunning visual effects.

Rich media

Embed YouTube, Google Maps and content from other platforms directly into your designs.

In the Cloud

Saved in the Cloud, your content is always up to date with the latest changes.

Sharing options

Embed your designs on any platform or website, or share the link via email or social media.

Activity analytics

See how people are engaging with your content with stats on daily visits, page views and interactions.

An interactive card or e-card is a digital card that can include text, images, animations, and interactions. They are perfect for sending invitations, thank-yous, or any kind of special message.

Yes, with Genially you can completely customize your card. From text and images to animations and interactions.

Once you have created your interactive card with Genially, you can share it in different ways. Genially provides you with a link that you can send via email, text messages, or social media. You can also download your e-card as an image or in an animated/interactive version to share it offline.

With Genially, you can integrate a variety of elements into your interactive card, including texts, images, links, videos, audios, locations, animations, and interactions. This allows you to create truly unique, comprehensive, and personalized cards.

No, Genially offers a variety of templates to help you get started. You just need to add your personal message and any additional details you wish.

Yes, once you have created your interactive card, Genially allows you to share it on social networks, send it by email or embed it on your website.

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