Create online reports

Perfect the way you present data with more attractive online reports. Avoid information overload using interactivity and maximize the impact of your report.

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Present your data

A report should present information in a clear and visual way, facilitating understanding and highlighting key points.


Discover why an online report is essential in the age of information. Capture attention with Genially, inform better, and keep all data updated in real time.

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Effective interactive reports

Nowadays, interactivity and effectiveness are practically synonymous. By organizing and visually highlighting information, you'll optimize attention and focus it according to your criteria.


Combine data easily in pre-designed templates and create reports that not only inform but also engage and persuade.


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How to create an online report

5 simple steps

Select a template.

Incorporate your report data.

Add and highlight interactive elements.

Customize the design.

Share or present your genially.

Image of platform integrations that you can embed and integrate into your Genially: LinkedIn, Typeform, Figma, Youtube, Google Maps, Google Drive, X and Instagram.



Genially is the perfect tool for your needs


Add layers of information to your content with video, audio, quizzes and other clickable elements.


Grab your audience's attention with timed or click animations, transitions and stunning visual effects.


Choose from multiple formats: interactive PDF, JPG, HTML, SCORM package or MP4 video.

Real time collaboration

Co-edit designs and collaborate on team projects in real time.


Monitor views, question responses and activity completion rates for individual users.

In the Cloud

Saved in the Cloud, your content is always up to date with the latest changes.

An online report is a way to present information and analysis through digital media, with visual and interactive elements recommended for better comprehension and engagement.

Yes, with Genially you can integrate charts, data analysis, and other visual elements to make your reports more informative and attractive.

An online report serves to present and analyze information in a structured and accessible way using digital media. It facilitates the understanding and communication of data, findings, or progress to a specific audience.

There are various types of reports, including analytical, informative, progress, research, and financial reports, each focused on different areas and purposes of communication.

A report should contain a clear introduction, a body with detailed data and analysis, conclusions, and possibly recommendations. It should present information in a logical, precise, and easy-to-follow manner.

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