Create an interactive resume

In a digital world, your resume must evolve too. Genially offers a dynamic and visual way to create an interactive resume that will impress recruiters. Highlight your skills and experience with a CV that gets attention and doesn’t go unnoticed.


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Design an eye-catching resume

The key to landing your dream interview lies in a well-designed and specialized resume, tailored to the type of job you are seeking.


With an interactive CV, you can showcase your creativity, skills, and experience in an innovative way. Plus, it’s easy to share and will stand out in a sea of standard resumes.

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Simple, stylish, and effective templates

With Genially, creating a resume is easy and quick. With our interactive and customizable templates, you can construct an appealing, original, and most importantly, effective CV.


You can integrate additional details and examples from your portfolio. Your professional image will be enhanced with designs made to reflect all your experience and skills.

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How to create a resume

4 simple steps

Sign up to Genially for free.

Explore and choose the template that best suits your needs.

Edit colors, fonts, and add interactive elements and animations.

Publish, print, and share your content.

Image of platform integrations that you can embed and integrate into your Genially: LinkedIn, Typeform, Figma, Youtube, Google Maps, Google Drive, X and Instagram.



Genially is the perfect tool for what you need


Add layers of information to your content with video, audio, quizzes and other clickable elements.


Grab your audience's attention with timed or click animations, transitions and stunning visual effects.

Rich media

Embed YouTube, Google Maps and content from other platforms directly into your designs.


Choose from multiple formats: interactive PDF, JPG, HTML, SCORM package or MP4 video.

Sharing options

Embed your designs on any platform or website, or share the link via email or social media.

In the Cloud

Saved in the Cloud, your content is always up to date with the latest changes.

Your CV should include essential information such as contact details, career objective, work experience, education, and relevant skills and competencies. With Genially, you can add a creative touch with interactive elements, allowing you to showcase achievements and projects in a modern and appealing way. Learn more in-depth in this post.

The skills companies look for can vary depending on the industry and the role. However, some commonly valued skills include effective communication, teamwork, problem-solving, adaptability, and the technical ability specific to the role. With Genially, you can highlight these skills in a visual and interactive way in your resume, offering a more comprehensive view of your professional profile.

The ideal length of a resume depends on your experience and the position for which you are applying. Generally, a one-page resume is preferable for entry-level positions, while a multi-page resume may be suitable for professionals with extensive experience.

It's best to keep it concise and focused on your career objectives, key skills, and what makes you unique. Use an authentic and professional tone and consider using Genially’s interactive tools to add a visual and appealing dimension to your presentation.

Genially offers a wide range of options for designing resumes. You can create a traditional, visual, infographic, or even a specialized resume based on the type of job you are seeking. The templates also allow you to customize the design to reflect your tastes and personality.

Yes, with Genially, you can easily share your resume online via a link, or download it in different formats, such as PDF or JPG. This offers flexibility to present your resume in a format that suits the needs of different employers and platforms.

Interactivity on a resume offers a more immersive and personalized experience. It allows employers to interact with your profile, access additional details and see examples of your work, all in one document. This makes your resume more memorable and engaging, highlighting your skills and accomplishments in a unique way.

No, Genially is designed to be easy to use with no technical knowledge required. Pre-designed templates and drag-and-drop tools allow you to create an interactive and professional resume without coding or design experience. The user-friendly interface makes the process accessible and enjoyable, even for beginners.

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