The trick to excel is interactivity

To be a leader is to do things differently. To innovate, universities around the world use Genially, the tool for intuitively creating interactive and animated digital content: by yourself or as a team.

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Neuroscience has confirmed it, and you get it with Genially

More attention, participation, retention

We’re passionate about neuroscience. We’re visual beings, and that means we process visual and interactive content better. That’s why everything you create with Genially excites and motivates.

To be a leader, you need to innovate

Genially is useful for everyone, whether you’ve just arrived at college or you’ve spent your whole life there. It works for any environment: face-to-face, hybrid, or online.


The most amazing work: Yours!

After completing an assignment, you’re going to be way too tired to create a presentation that does it justice. With Genially, however, you can create a presentation with interactivity and animation in the blink of an eye. Make something amazing. Make your effort stand out.


Make your course the most entertaining and motivating one yet

You’re just like us if you think teaching is a great opportunity to prepare students for their future. With Genially, it’ll be easy. The content you create for your classes will be the most engaging and motivating at your university.


Being innovative is easy with Genially

Do you need to train teachers effectively without complicating your life? Your mission is for your university to be a leader in innovation. Ours is to accompany you so that creating interactive and exciting content is a breeze.


Innovation: Mission accomplished

Universities around the world have great missions. With innovation and creativity, Genially lends you a hand. We help universities like yours communicate innovatively and tell the story of who they are. How? By creating branded content with interactivity and animation.

Create what you want in record time

Level up your communication by using these templates. Let your creativity take flight!



Stand out with your thesis presentation and win over the committee with this template.



Stand out with your thesis presentation and win over the committee with this template.

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Beverly Leliglois
Beverly Leliglois

Associate Professor, Business School of Montpellier

Genially contributed to the gamification of MBS courses during the health crisis. The students enthusiastically experienced the game, and everyone felt included.


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Genially + the platforms you already use

Do you have your interactive content ready? You can now insert it into other platforms like Moodle and Canvas, or connect to apps like Google Classroom, Google Drive, and Microsoft Teams. All from one place.