At Genially, we apply a single golden communication rule to everything. We didn’t invent the wheel. We’ve simply relied on biology to understand that we are visual beings and that it’s easier for us to understand visual and interactive content.

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When you use Genially, you achieve:

+ Attention.

Visual content captures everyone’s attention. 90% of the information we process is visual.


+ Participation.

Interactivity makes us explore and discover information on our own.


+ Memorable content.

If you’ve seen a genially, you know what we’re talking about. They’re unique and not easily forgotten.

The best of Genially

These awesome advantages will make you choose Genially over other tools every time.



If your content is interactive, it’s engaging

Creating something interactive means making things happen. Whatever you do, use interactivity to add text, images, videos, audios or external links. Everything can happen in a genially.



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To go faster, do it as a team

Working with Genially is even more efficient if you do so collaboratively. Invite your colleagues or friends to collaborate on your creations. It’s as easy as inviting them to grab coffee.

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Genially is “that special something” that you need

In the cloud

Like almost everything, your geniallys are in the cloud. If you make a change, it updates instantly.


Use game dynamics to create an unforgettable experience.


Need data? Monitor views and content engagement with Genially Statistics.

Corporate image

Apply your logo, colors, and fonts so your designs are aligned with your brand image.


Tell the world your story. Use the best templates, designed to be memorable.


Are you someone who likes to share everything? Control access to your creations, public or private.

Layout with lettering, colors, format icons, etc., to illustrate Genially Editor resources


Create online, wherever you are

Genially's Editor is the workspace that will make you feel at home. You don't have to download anything; it's online and easy to use. Advanced tools and resources help you create interactive content quickly.

Beautiful templates for stunning results

Choose from thousands of pre-built, professional designs

  • Animated Sketch Presentation
  • Harmony University Thesis
  • Basic Presentation
  • Pitch Deck Presentation
  • Isometric Video-presentation
  • Basic Digital Presentation
  • Visual Timeline Edu
  • Current Affairs Quiz
  • Animated Chalkboard Quiz
  • Dragon's Dungeon Breakout
  • Terrazzo Timeline
  • Business Vision Presentation
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