Templates for creating interactive board games

Explore this collection of free board game templates and get ready to transform your content into exciting adventures. This collection’s got the makings of hours and hours of fun to enjoy in the classroom, with your family, friends, or team, or to use in your marketing activities. Use gamification and make your own rules!

Science has shown that games awaken the mind, enhance curiosity, and increase learner participation. That's why it's a great idea to use games in any learning and development context. More and more teachers, trainers, and instructional designers are using gamified or game-based content to achieve their objectives. 


Find inspiration in these free board game templates! You can create all kinds of online board games, from classics like Parcheesi or chess to intriguing mental challenges like themed quizzes or deduction games. Delight with your class with a trivia game with your own questions, take them on an exciting race, or challenge them to score more points than anyone else in Jeopardy. They won't forget the experience!


Yes! With Genially, as well as gamifying your content, you can also check the results. Get interaction data on your marketing campaigns or monitor individual student progress and provide real-time feedback. 


Genially provides metrics on visits and interactions in your geniallys, as well as real tracking data. Maximize the impact of your strategies so that everyone wins!

Yes! These online board game templates are designed to make editing easier than peeling a banana. 


Genially is for everyone; from beginners to design experts. You don’t need to have programming or advanced design skills. Just choose a board game template and start creating your first game!


Yes, you can. And it's super easy to do. The content you create with Genially is 100% compatible with all major LMS such as Canvas, Moodle, and many more. 


Integrating your creations is as simple as copying and pasting the iframe. You can also upload them as SCORM packages. Your students will access the content via the LMS and you’ll be able to get accurate data on their progress.

Yes! Genially is the perfect complement to your creative skills. For starters, you can upload your designs to Genially to add interactivity and animation in a matter of seconds, and without using code! It's like a power-up for your design skills.


In addition, Genially integrates seamlessly with your favorite tools, which will save you hours and hours of work. In the Editor, you can apply your brand's visual identity in a matter of seconds. And on those slow days when your creativity is on the blink, you'll find plenty of inspiration in the templates. What more could you ask for?

It's easy! You don't need to be a professional game creator or hire a team of game designers. Genially templates are 100% customizable and very easy to use.


Once you choose your educational or promotional board game template you can change the texts, add your questions, upload the images and videos you want, modify the color palette, and edit the interactivity and animations. Just let your creativity flow and your customized games are bound to be a hit!