Video game templates for gamification

Explore this collection of video game templates that are full to the brim with interactivity and animation. You can use them for projects at any educational level, in-company training, marketing, etc. Transform your content into interactive adventures and motivate your audience like never before!

All of these templates are designed to attract your students' attention, encourage active participation, and drive experiential learning.


Gamification for the win! Whether you’re a teacher, trainer, or instructional designer, gamification is proven to improve learning outcomes in any context. Games activate the brain, encourage participation, and stimulate learners’ curiosity and interest.


Dragons and dungeons, battles, spaceships... These templates have attractive designs with video game aesthetics, which make it very easy to develop fun narratives. 


What’s more, they all include interactivity, animation, and fun sound effects, along with gamification elements such as challenges or rewards. You can also add widgets such as dice, coins, or timers, which you can find in the Genially resource gallery. 


Each of these templates is a potent tool for instructional designers or content creators, allowing them to speed up the creative process and save lots of time. You no longer need an HTML template. Why make things hard for yourself with HTML video game templates when you can produce an amazing creation in just a few clicks?

Absolutely! With Genially, you can obtain data on the interactions your content receives and monitor the progress of each person individually. 


The features of the tool also allow you to provide real-time feedback and thereby a personalized learning experience for each student. Maximize the impact and effectiveness of all your content!


Yes, our templates are designed to be used by people in any professional role and of any technical level. Everyone can create unique experiences with Genially, from educators with no game design experience to experienced instructional designers or marketing professionals. No programming or design skills needed.

Yes, and it's easy as pie. Our templates are 100% compatible with LMS like Canvas and Moodle. They integrate seamlessly and offer a smooth and engaging learning experience.


There are two ways to do this: embed your genially using an iframe or upload it as a SCORM package. 


  • To embed your creation, copy the iframe code and paste it into the course. Et voilà! It will be displayed in your LMS just like any other content.
  • If you prefer to use SCORM, export your genially in this format and upload it to your LMS. This way you can track your students' interaction with the content: a super useful feature for monitoring and assessment.

Genially is the perfect complement to your design tools, giving you extra creative freedom. By combining your design skills with the features of the tool, you’ll be able to enrich your materials and create unique experiences. 


Did you know that you can upload your own designs and graphic resources to edit them in Genially? It's a fast and efficient way to add interactivity and animations to your video games while maintaining your unique style and brand identity. No coding knowledge required!


And, Genially integrates with your favorite tools. The tool adapts to your needs and allows you to create very attractive materials with the identity and values of your company or organization.